Research at the NCCFR is currently at the level of study design. Kim and Patrick Jeffs having worked for many years using psycho biological therapies in collaboration with integrative, holistic and naturopathic medical providers, are convinced that we have a new paradigm to offer that is successful in treating people struggling with mental health, trauma and addiction.  Our studies are aimed at demonstrating our clinical work and success of treating people using non pharmacological or targeted medicinal therapies. Plain and simple our goal is to heal mental illness not just teach people to cope with symptoms! (Not a small task at all but we are ambitious at NCCFR). Research at NCCFR will enhance the growing field of study on the psycho biological and nutritive therapies for treating mental health symptoms and restoring resiliency mind and body with the people we serve. 

Consultative Research

We offer contract research services related to efficacy for programs nation wide. Dr. Jeffs leads the research component of NCCFR and offers study design and efficacy research to prove that the services your organization are providing are actually helping your clientele. Efficacy research can be helpful in obtaining funding for your programs, marketing evidence based success for your services, and understanding program developmental needs.